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A Pageant Makeup Artist with Beauty Tips: Marvin Fernandez

They are the unsung heroes of any beauty pageant.  The caped wonders behind the scenes ensuring the contestants look their best.  Marvin Fernandez is a professional pageant makeup artist from Quezon City and has also performed his magic on dozens of celebrities, as you will see in this article. Contact Marvin at 09325242583 for makeup service.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a makeup artist specializing in beauty pageants?

Marvin: I love making people look and feel beautiful, and beauty pageants offer a fantastic opportunity for me to do just that. It’s a thrilling field where I can showcase my skills and help contestants shine on stage.

Can you walk us through your typical process when creating makeup looks for beauty pageant contestants?

Marvin: Absolutely! My process always begins with understanding the contestant’s unique features, personal style, and the overall theme of the pageant. I start by prepping the skin to ensure a flawless base, followed by strategically applying foundation, concealer, and powder to create a smooth canvas. Then, I focus on enhancing their features with contouring, highlighting, and precise eyeshadow application. I carefully select and apply long-lasting products to withstand the lights and duration of the pageant. Finally, I add the finishing touches with blush, lipstick, and setting spray to ensure the look stays stunning throughout the competition.

How do you ensure that your makeup designs enhance the contestant’s natural features while still standing out on stage?

Marvin: Balancing enhancement with stage presence is key. I begin by studying the contestant’s facial features to understand what makes them unique. Then, I tailor the makeup to accentuate their best features, using techniques like contouring and highlighting to create dimension. Bold yet flattering colors are chosen to complement their skin tone and outfit, ensuring they stand out on stage while still looking like the best version of themselves. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between enhancing natural beauty and making a memorable impression under the spotlight.

Could you share any memorable experiences or challenges you’ve faced while working backstage at beauty pageants?

Marvin: Absolutely! One memorable experience was when I had to quickly fix a contestant’s makeup mishap just minutes before she went on stage. It was a high-pressure situation, but I remained calm and used my expertise to correct the issue flawlessly. Another challenge I’ve faced is managing time efficiently backstage, especially with multiple contestants needing makeup touch-ups simultaneously. However, through careful planning and coordination with the team, we always managed to ensure everyone looked their best before stepping onto the stage.

What are the key differences between makeup for everyday wear and makeup for the stage of a beauty pageant?

Marvin: Sure! Everyday makeup is more natural and subtle, while beauty pageant stage makeup is bold and dramatic, designed to stand out under bright lights. Additionally, stage makeup needs to be long-lasting to stay flawless throughout the event.

Can you provide any insider tips or tricks for achieving long-lasting makeup looks that withstand the pressures of a beauty pageant?

Marvin: Absolutely! One insider tip is to start with a clean, well-moisturized face to ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application. Using a long-wearing primer can also help makeup adhere better and last longer. Opting for waterproof and sweat-resistant formulas, especially for foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow, is essential for withstanding the heat and lights of the stage. Setting your makeup with a translucent powder and finishing spray can lock everything in place for extended wear. Finally, carrying blotting papers and a touch-up kit backstage can help you maintain your flawless look throughout the competition.

How do you stay updated on the latest makeup trends and techniques, and how do you incorporate them into your work for beauty pageants?

As a makeup artist, I stay updated on the latest trends and techniques by following industry influencers, attending workshops, and constantly experimenting with new products and styles. When it comes to beauty pageants, I tailor my approach based on the theme, the contestant’s features, and the desired overall look. I incorporate trends tastefully, ensuring they enhance the contestant’s natural beauty and complement their individual style.

What advice do you have for aspiring makeup artists who aspire to work in the beauty pageant industry?

Marvin: My advice for aspiring makeup artists looking to work in the beauty pageant industry is to focus on honing your skills, building a diverse portfolio, and networking within the industry. Attend makeup workshops, practice on different skin tones and face shapes, and stay updated on current trends. Additionally, develop strong communication skills to understand the specific needs and preferences of contestants and pageant directors. Finally, be adaptable and open to feedback, as every pageant and contestant is unique, requiring a flexible approach to makeup artistry.

Could you share one of your favorite beauty tips or secrets that you often use when preparing contestants for a pageant?

Marvin: One of my favorite beauty tips for pageant contestants is to always start with well-prepped skin. Hydrated and properly primed skin not only helps makeup application go on smoothly but also ensures a radiant and long-lasting finish throughout the pageant. I often use a hydrating primer followed by a light layer of moisturizer to create a flawless base for makeup. This step enhances the overall look and helps the makeup stay fresh under stage lights for hours.

In your opinion, what role does makeup play in the overall presentation and success of a beauty pageant contestant, and how do you ensure your makeup designs align with the contestant’s personality and style?

Marvin: Makeup is vital for a contestant’s success in a beauty pageant, as it enhances their appearance and boosts confidence. To ensure the makeup matches the contestant’s personality and style, I consult with them beforehand and tailor the look accordingly, considering factors like the pageant’s theme and stage lighting. This approach ensures a cohesive and impactful presentation onstage.

Contact Marvin at 09325242583 for makeup service.

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