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Taurus and Their Negative Traits


Truly, the patience of a Taurus is tested when waiting for their fate or the right opportunity, which is why at the same time, they are also ruled by laziness. They will need inspiration and motivation before they can truly do what they want to do. Without these, they will struggle to reignite diligence within themselves.


Despite the laziness of a Taurus, once they are struck by diligence, expect them to be very active and to act as if they know everything or have a wealth of knowledge. They have great confidence in themselves to the point that sometimes they find it difficult to trust others. Once they have set their goal, they will fulfill it according to their belief, following no other plan but the one they make themselves.


When it comes to materialism, a Taurus won’t be left behind. They also have a penchant for beautiful things and often appreciate antiques. They love to collect what they find beautiful in their eyes. They also greatly appreciate receiving gifts that hold value for them.


This is Taurus’s worst negative trait. Their view of their partner is like an object they own. For them, what belongs to Juan is for Juan, and what belongs to Pedro is for Pedro. Don’t even attempt to take or snatch what’s theirs because they won’t like it. You can tell immediately if they’re jealous just by their look. They believe in their instincts, and if they sense something, expect that they’ll guard you or secretly observe you.

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