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The amulet comes from nature. It possesses the power that anyone who owns it can use to attract luck in various aspects of life.

There are different ways to acquire an amulet, depending on its type. It can be obtained from inside a fruit, from cracks in the ground, or from objects struck by lightning.

Here are different types of amulets and their respective abilities:

  1. Lightning Amulet – for agility and strength of the body.
  2. Tornado Amulet – for nimbleness of movement.
  3. Firefly Amulet – as a charm for people and protection against evil intentions.
  4. Peanut Amulet – for luck in livelihood.
  5. Mung Bean Amulet – excellent for those starting a business.
  6. String Bean Amulet – brings luck to businesses related to vegetables.
  7. Lime Amulet – to appease people.
  8. Papaya Amulet – to enhance charisma.
  9. Cat Amulet – has the power to blind.

Once you own an amulet, it will recognize you as its “master.” As the owner, it is only proper that you take care of the amulet so that it remains with you and does not leave.

Most importantly: keep your amulet a secret. This means that you should not boast about it to anyone or show it off. You should not even take pictures of it. Amulets dislike being photographed. When you reveal to others that you have an amulet, expect that its life and power will gradually fade away. Amulets also do not like being challenged. This means they do not want you to test their abilities. Some amulet owners willingly place their lives in danger, hoping that their amulet will save them. They are mistaken. The “power” of the amulet will only manifest in times of need.

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