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The Magical Power Within Eggs

In various cultures, eggs are considered perfect magical symbols, representing new life or beginnings.

In Western culture, eggs are viewed as fertility symbols. The tradition of the “Easter bunny” began in the 16th century in connection with this symbolism.

In Chinese folklore, the egg symbolizes the beginning of the universe. It is said that the entire cosmos started as an egg cracked open by the goddess Pan Gu. From this egg emerged all things found in the cosmos, including planet Earth.

Many magical beliefs are associated with eggs.

According to an old belief, if you want to discover your true love, leave a chicken or turkey egg in front of your house on a night with heavy rain. Whoever picks it up and returns it is destined to be your soulmate. In the Ozark version, the egg is boiled, the red part is removed and replaced with salt, then eaten at night before sleeping. The person seen in a dream carrying a glass or bucket of water will be the future partner.

Travelers believe that eating boiled eggs, ensuring the shell is crushed to prevent evil spirits from following, will bring protection.

It is said that hens should lay their eggs during a full moon to ensure proper setting.

Raw eggs of owls are fed to anyone intoxicated with alcohol to curb their alcohol craving.

To ward off witches or evil spirits in the home, throw an egg onto the roof.

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