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On our planet, there are sacred places believed to be inhabited by both positive and negative energies. These places include the earth’s crust, ancient volcanic craters, tectonic faults, glaciers, waterfalls, and debris from celestial bodies.

Surprisingly, there are locations around the world known as ‘breakthroughs of negative energy,’ referred to as the ‘towers of Satan’ by French philosopher Rene Guenon. At one point, he converted to Islam and delved into Eastern metaphysics, particularly in the southern part of Eurasia, at the age of 44. He traveled to Egypt and married a woman from the family of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, Fatima.

According to Guenon, the ‘seven towers of Satan’ are the seven centers of powerful negative energy on Earth. He believed that fallen angels descended to these places from heaven. Guenon theorized that in these locations, one could communicate with spirits in the depths and gain powers surpassing anyone else in the world. Indeed, it was here that the Third Reich gained strength. Many esotericists are also convinced that certain groups, such as the Masonic, aim to attain power in the world.

“They are located in the form of an arc encircling Europe at a certain distance: one part of it is located in the Niger region, which was already said in ancient Egyptians that the most terrible sorcerers come from there; the second – in Sudan, in a mountainous region inhabited by “lycanthropes” (werewolves) in the amount of about 20,000 people (I knew eyewitnesses of this phenomenon); the third and fourth are in Asia Minor – one in Syria, the other in Mesopotamia; fifth – in Turkestan; and the last two should be located even further north, closer to the Urals or in the western part of Siberia, but I must admit that so far I have not been able to find out their exact geographical location,” Guenon stated.

According to him, not all of the places included in the 7 towers of Satan can be deemed Satanic. They hold significance, he claimed, that can be utilized in the advancement of metaphysics. Where in the world are the ‘Seven Towers of Satan’ located? The first and second ‘towers of Satan’ are in the Niger and Sudan regions. The territory of Niger consists of Precambrian volcanic rocks. About 10,000 years ago, before the Sahara dried up, the Kiffi civilization remained here and thrived. Kiffi is one of the oldest highly developed cultures of tall people. Niger also has deposits of iron, uranium, and oil.

Sudan, on the other hand, was inhabited by one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Meroe, which had connections to the Egyptians. Sudan is located along the Upper Nile and has access to the Red Sea, which is why the Meroe civilization possessed navigation skills. Most of the ancient high plateaus here are overlaid with Archean layers where gold deposits are found. There are also oil deposits in Sudan—focused on due to strong geological shifts, visible in the sliding tectonic fault—rift.

The third ‘tower of Satan’ is Syria. The Somali fault, which extends to Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, connects to this country. According to the research of L.N. Gumilyova, the legendary Shambhala is indeed Syria. In this country, the oldest volcanic massif, El Druz, can be found. The ancient Phoenicians who settled on the coast became the mysterious ‘people of sailors’ with colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Eventually, they sailed throughout Africa and even farther.

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