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Luck and the Days of the Week: Tuesday

Each day of the week derives its name either from a planet, an Anglo-Saxon deity or warrior, or a Latin-speaking deity or warrior. In the case of Tuesday, its English derivative originated from the Norse God, Tyr. The Romans named the day after the warrior God of Mars, Martis, which evolved into the French term “Mardi.”

The planet Mars symbolizes desire, drive, energy, and sexuality, which perfectly encapsulates the essence of Tuesday. It is a day for taking action, completing projects, and translating Monday’s plans into reality. Tuesday is an ideal time for making informed decisions and propelling your career to new heights. It is also a day for aligning passions and engaging in physical exercise in any form. When energy levels are high, so is desire and sexuality. You radiate confidence when your energy levels soar.

To effectively harness the energy of Tuesday, be clear and precise about your goals and follow through until they are accomplished. Mars’ energy will fill you with drive and passion, so it is up to you to take the necessary steps.

The zodiac signs ruled by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. Let’s explore their qualities and character traits to understand how luck can find you on a Tuesday.

Aries: Ambitious, honest, self-assertive, courageous, and decisive. Scorpio: Passionate, independent, brave, intimidating, and sexy.

Both Aries and Scorpio embody the characteristics of a Tuesday zodiac sign. Therefore, for those whose zodiac signs are not associated with Mars, if you desire to benefit from luck and good fortune on a Tuesday, it would be wise to emulate the aforementioned qualities, even if only for a day. There is always room for your zodiac traits to intersect with another astrological sign, enhancing your chances for good fortune. Try it and refine your approach.

Tuesday’s Elements Tuesday is aligned with the element of fire and corresponds with Mars, the God of War, making it associated with our warrior nature. On Tuesdays, we may experience heightened impulsiveness, passion, adventurousness, productivity, competitiveness, energy, strength, courage, rebelliousness, defensiveness, and protectiveness. The fire element embodies an internal essence characterized by the mantra of no mercy. It tends to assert authority, dominate others, and give orders. The fire element exudes incredible beauty and brightness, aspiring to be both handsome and defiant. Its defining feature is a tendency towards demonstrative behavior.

Doesn’t this perfectly tie into everything we’ve already discussed? It represents a perfect polarity. Monday was a day for planning and empathy, while Tuesday leaves sentimentality behind and promotes desire, raw courage, and a warrior mentality to accomplish tasks.

Tuesday is the day for action, under the mighty rule of Mars. It is a time to pursue your passions, charge towards your goals, discover your destiny, and embrace strength and courage. It is a day for high energy in your career, engaging in physical activities and sports, displaying assertiveness in meetings and negotiations, and embracing your sexuality. Both fire and water elements come into play, with the zodiac sign assignments being Aries and Scorpio. The color associated with Tuesday is red, and the gemstones and crystals associated with the day are ruby, garnet, carnelian, bloodstone, and pink tourmaline. The recommended incense and herbs for Mars’s Day include red roses, pine, carnation, nettle, patchouli, pepper, and garlic.

Tuesday Rituals: On Tuesday, it is advisable to perform spells to enhance success in all areas of life, excluding romance. While it is a day of desire and sexuality, it is not conducive to seeking love. Tuesday represents an aggressive and power-oriented day, so it is essential to align your rituals with Mars’s expectations. Energy, protection, courage, and passion are the focal points for spells best suited for Tuesdays. By following these guidelines, you can amplify your luck and benefit from the energies of the day.

Tuesday’s Colors

Based on present day beliefs or customs, pink does not seem like the proper color to be associated to the rough and tumble, aggressive Tuesday but in ancient times, pink was the primary choice, although different customs argue that red, brown, and orange – specifically red – are the colors du jour. Tuesday was linked to the god of Mars, which is known as the god of war and the angry planet. People believed that wearing pink would appease the spirits but nowadays it has evolved into a feminine color, and often referred to as the color of love, which is a contradiction to the depictions of Mars and Tuesday.

The color red represents passion, energy, and warmth in the most extreme forms. It stirs up the qualities of leadership in your being and boosts self-confidence. It is a color that revitalizes your body and screams “leadership”. Wear red on Tuesdays and see how your luck changes.

Tuesday’s Gems and Stones

According to Hindu astrology, Red Coral is assigned to Tuesday to enhance courage and intuition. This gemstone is believed to have the power of healing and helps with blood ailments and many types of inflammation.

In western astrology, the gem, Ruby, is also considered to be the gemstone for Tuesday. Ruby stimulates motivation and visualization and is considered a wealth stone. It provides courage, confidence, vitality, stamina, strength, leadership. Ruby intensifies all emotions and is an amplifier of both positive and negative energy, and sexual energy. It has a powerful, stimulating energy that can bring success to any project.

Luck awaits anyone who can combine Tuesday’s astrological traits with their own birth date zodiac. Get a piece of paper and plan your next Tuesday!

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