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Luck and the Days of the Week: Saturday

So, how do we get lucky on a Saturday? As usual it will be by combining several qualities from what is offered on these pages and following centuries old traditions. Read on and follow the research and suggestions.

While Sunday and Monday get their names from the sun and moon, Tuesday through Friday (in the Anglo-Saxon version) are named for Germanic or Norse gods. Saturday, on the other hand, is designated as the day of the Roman planet Sāturnus, named after the god Saturn. The name Saturday can be traced back to the Latin Sāturnī diēs (“Saturn’s day”). That led to the Old English pronunciation and spelling Saternesdæg, followed by the Middle English Saturdai before English speakers settled on Saturday.

Although we all tend to view Saturday as a fun day and head to the beach or relax at home, Saturn dictates something quite contrary. For someone who mows the lawn every Saturday or uses this day to fix around the house or in the garage, Saturn’s qualities are right up your alley. Saturn is a planet of strict justice. It is conservative and practical and focuses on career and ambition. Saturn is the planet of limitations, boundaries, discipline, and hardship. It represents our toughest lessons in life, and our own relationship with structure, authority, and responsibility. Saturn’s favorite word is “no,” and teaches us how to distill, prioritize, and reject where appropriate. Considered a cold, dry, austere planet, Saturn’s forces test us, physically and emotionally, reminding us of our limitations and mortality. For boosting luck, Saturn tells us to plan and prioritize it.

Known as the planet of life lessons, responsibility and karma, Saturn is the “timekeeper” of the zodiac. Ruling over Capricorn, Saturn aids this zodiac sign in being one of the most ambitious and persevering of all. By understanding that life has restrictions and limitations, it aids them in being practical and realistic about everything in life. While that can give them a more orderly or cold nature, they are good at leading with their long-term vision rather than their hearts.

Saturday’s qualities, as expected, are not any different. Saturday is the day of taking responsibility and getting organized. For most of us, Saturday is spent catching up on housework, homework and matters in our personal lives and this may be because Saturn helps us to get balanced and grounded. Saturday is the perfect day to organize yourself for the week ahead and contemplate the week just finished. The energy of the day provides us with the drive to catch up and get ahead.

As mentioned, Saturday’s energy is perfect for getting things done around the house and being proactive when it comes to things that need addressing or fixing in your personal life as well. To use the energy of Saturday effectively, tackle some big projects that need doing and take time out of your day to get organized for the week ahead. To not do this could sway your luck potential.

Born on Saturday

Saturday born people are extremely mature individuals who remain highly responsible for their roles and responsibilities. They will pretend to be serious to the people who don’t know them but those who understand Saturday born people will find them a wonderful individual to connect with. They are either wise or terrible when it comes to time management. They are highly intelligent and independent with no fear of making mistakes, knowing it is a learning experience.

Saturday born individuals are highly intelligent. They have a natural flair for business due to their calculative mind and have a high success rate. They can do well in any kind of business, and they are known to be perfectionists and hence will deeply get committed to the tasks at hand and prove the best of their abilities.

Saturday born people are shy in nature and this affects their love life. They have a huge heart and are givers by nature. They are careful and selective when choosing a partner and are rarely on the other end of a one-night stand. They come to any conclusion only after a careful search and analysis. They are independent and desire an independent partner.

Saturday’s Element

Saturday’s element is earth, and the day is all about the planet Saturn, the God of Karma, so it is associated with cleansing, banishing, and releasing negativity or anything that is no longer serving us, and is also connected to protection. The element of earth is attached to the signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and it also rules the second, sixth, and seventh Houses. All the earthy metaphors are appropriate here: salt of the Earth, feet firmly planted on the ground, and so forth. Those graced by an Earth sign in their horoscope are practical, grounded, and dependable, which describes Saturday to near perfection.

Saturday’s Colors

Saturday is the color of royalty, which is purple, though you can also wear black, dark grey and dark blue. If you are going to wear black, wear only one item of clothing in that color. These dark colors are solemn and fit into the reliable, serious tone of Saturn. Try not to wear any bright colors.

Saturday’s Gems and Stones

The gem Turquoise is assigned to Saturday and is a symbol of new possibilities and happiness. It is also called the Power Stone that keeps proud people grounded. Vedic astrology connects the Blue Sapphire gem for Saturday. This gem helps to promote discipline, sincerity, commitment, and loyalty. Again, these are qualities associated with Saturday and Saturn.

Saturday Spells and Rituals

Staying boarded on the reliable, well-grounded train of thought, a banishing spell is an excellent choice for a Saturday spell. Banishing spells are a type of witchcraft that seeks to expel something or send it far away. Traditionally, banishing spells are cast to remove or destroy the influence of unwanted negative energies. Banish negativity and move forward with your projects.

Black Candle Banishing Spell

The following is a simple banishing spell, which requires basic ingredients.

Ingredients and Procedure:

Black candle, Incense, Pinch of salt

Take a black candle and engrave on it the name of the person you want to remove followed by his/her date of birth. Light the candle on a Saturday, at midnight, and let it be consumed while thinking intensely that this person will stop bothering you.

When the candle is consumed, collect what remains and throw it into the fire along with incense and a pinch of salt.

Saturday’s luck is dependent on how you approach the day. It is a fun day for many of us, a wonderful release from the Monday to Friday grind. Others prefer to work on home projects. Saturday qualities dictate that you remain reliable, stern, but independent and disciplined. Do not be overly spontaneous or too extroverted as this will bring the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. Wear the proper colors and if you have the appropriate gemstone, wear it or stash it in your purse or pocket.

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