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Gems that Heal Ailments and Conditions

Gemstones are considered Mother Nature’s natural healers.

Giving healing gemstones as a gift is a sign of your desire for well-being for the person you’ve bestowed it upon.

Most gemstones have healing properties. Here are some of the strongest and most effective healing gemstones that can be used as daily amulets or placed in a sacred space in your room.

  1. ROSE QUARTZ: Known for its gentle energy, it’s dubbed the “loving stone.” Rose quartz can attract all forms of love—platonic, sexual, or spiritual. It can also soothe the effects of emotional heartbreaks like depression, manic attacks, and anxiety. Rose quartz is a suitable gift for someone seeking love and inner peace.
  2. GREEN FLUORITE CRYSTAL: Considered a protector gemstone due to its ability to repel negative energy. This stone can assist you in finding spiritual tranquility during meditation.
  3. LAPIS LAZULI: Capable of removing any emotional blockage, lapis lazuli is said to be connected to material and celestial realms. It provides the wisdom to comprehend the mysteries of the cosmos.
  4. HEMATITE: A grounding stone with a silver-gray metallic appearance, suitable for those experiencing anxiety, life confusion, and other stressful situations. Simply hold hematite to access its calming energy.
  5. JADE: Carrying calming energy, jade helps you find self-acceptance and inner calm. It stimulates the mind to understand dream symbols and tap into inner creativity. Jade can also alleviate cramp pain and detoxify the body.
  6. AMETHYST: Possessing healing qualities for the physical and spiritual aspects, amethyst brings a sense of calm and balance. It cleanses and clarifies a cluttered mind while strengthening the immune system.
  7. TURQUOISE: Aids in effective and clear dream interpretation, strengthens love and friendship bonds, boosts confidence, and enhances wisdom when worn.
  8. KYANITE: Cleanses the spirit to open doors between the physical and spiritual worlds. It opens the third eye to see beings in other dimensions and aligns the body’s chakras.
  9. OBSIDIAN: Carries grounding and protective energy. Snowflake obsidian helps avoid or eliminate any form of addiction in the body.
  10. CITRINE: This yellowish gemstone aids in manifesting life goals. It harnesses solar energy, boosting the wearer’s vitality. Citrine is also renowned as a lucky charm for attracting prosperity, similar to yellow topaz.

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