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Fishing Superstitions

If you are a fisherman or know someone who is, it is important to be aware of the superstitions related to fishing in order to avoid misfortune and attain good luck from the blessings of the sea.

The following are some of the old and new superstitions associated with fishing:

A fisherman who has already boarded his boat and has started rowing or sailing should not look back to where he came from if he does not want bad luck in his catch. If he looks back, he may not catch many fish, or even worse, he may catch none at all.

Before going fishing, make the sign of the cross on the sand or soil to ensure a safe trip and to avoid being caught in a heavy rain or storm.

The first fish caught should be released as a sign of gratitude to the deity of the sea and to attract more blessings.

Offer a flower and sprinkle a few grains of rice into the sea before starting to fish in exchange for a bountiful catch from the ocean.

If a fisherman has not caught anything and is on his way back home, he should refrain from immediately looking back at the sea where he fished to prevent a repeat of the bad luck he experienced that day.

If you have been lucky in fishing, it is fine to glance back at your fishing spot as it may bring more success in the future.

Singing while fishing is also a good omen to attract luck. Mysterious beings in the sea, such as mermaids, are fond of music. When you serenade them with a song, they will favor you with an abundance of fish from the deep sea.

On the other hand, if two fishermen argue while in the midst of fishing, it is considered unlucky. It drives good luck away from their boat.

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