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Cross on the Tongue, a Curse?

Do you know someone whose spoken words seem to manifest into reality unintentionally? Someone who speaks their mind without any particular intention, yet what they say becomes true. If you believe in the concept of a “cross on the tongue,” you might be curious to understand how it supposedly works. Some believe that having a cross on the tongue is a sign of being cursed. It’s said that this might be the result of a feud between one’s parents, who may have vowed that their child’s life would be marred by the cross on the tongue, causing any negative words they speak to materialize.

However, this belief lacks a factual basis. A person with a cross on their tongue is not cursed by anyone. Instead, they possess the ability to place a curse on someone else. They are not born unlucky; they are gifted. They have a unique trait, which, though it may seem unsettling, much like having a third eye, enables them to predict the future and offer warnings. When they use the cross on their tongue wisely, they can be a valuable asset in forecasting future events. However, if they misuse it to curse others, this ability will only amplify the power that originates from darkness. In such cases, they will start to experience misfortunes. Each curse they utter will rebound upon them. While they may not feel the consequences immediately, there is an assurance that they will be adversely affected.

If they choose to counteract the cross on their tongue through prayer and by cautioning people, their ability will be strengthened by the power of light. This means they are using their gift correctly and will be shielded against curses. Curses from others will have no influence on them. They will also remain impervious to dark powers such as witchcraft, hexes, or spells.

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