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The type of energy we maintain within our homes is important. The home is a reflection of our personality. If it is filled with negative energy, expect that your life will not be beautiful and comfortable.

But what exactly should be done to fill your home with positive energy?

First, keep your home bright and airy. Declutter. Remove things that are not really needed and only clutter the space. Organize your belongings. Open the windows to let in natural light and also allow air to circulate inside the house. A bright home lightens the hearts of those who live in it.

Second, try using essential oils. The aroma from essential oils has a significant impact on the overall well-being of the environment. There are many types of essential oils to choose from that will freshen and purify the air inside the house. There’s lavender, citrus, rose, citronella, rosemary, and more. Just choose according to your preference.

Third, place indoor plants inside the house. Indoor plants like snake plants and money plants are very helpful in purifying the air indoors. Also, consider the feng shui principle in choosing indoor plants to place inside the house. One general rule in feng shui is to avoid placing any thorny plants (except roses) and bonsai indoors.

Above all, maintain harmony within the home. Avoid arguments, shouting, and harboring resentment. These are the number one sources of negativity inside a home.

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