Your Own LIVE FB Show!

If you have always wanted a platform to discuss your passion or to teach viewers, welcome to the PhilippineOne FB LIVE program.  Your show will have a minimum of 115 thousand viewer expectation and some of our shows, depending on how much weekly prep work you do, can have over a 750 thousand viewer expectation and this will only grow.  A successful show will create an incredible amount of opportunities for you so don’t delay your dreams.

All weekly shows are added to our new YT channel and once we have advertising, you will share in the revenue created by your videos.  Please note that PhilippineOne has close to 80 thousand subscribers on its other channel so we know what we’re doing.  We will also create a webpage for your show with all your videos and personal notes and/or articles you wish to publish.

Shows that we believe will do well include:









All you need is a laptop with good audio and video or a cellphone (held sideways and stabilized) with great video and audio.  Try your best to be in a room with no distractions or background noise.  We will give you access to our FB page to allow you to do your LIVE show.  You must keep your timeslot open every week.  If you have made other plans, we must know two weeks in advance.  Send us a description of your show a minimum of 3 days in advance so that we can market.  Have fun, be vibrant and interesting.  Most of our shows are in Tagalog but if you prefer to film in English, that is your choice.

Contact us today on the PhilippineOne FB page or at


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