What would you do if…Nobyembre 21, 2017

    Leave your answers in the comment section and if you wish to ask your own question, send it to info@philippineone.com with your first name and city you live in. Todays question below:

    Iwanan ang iyong sagot sa comment section at kung gusto mo magtanong, ipadala mo sa info@philippineone kasama ang iyong pangalan at lugar kung saan ka nakatira.

    What would you do if…you had the option of receiving one million dollars or being able to reset all your mistakes in life.

    Pumili ng isa, maging milyonaryo o maitama mo ang lahat ng nagawa mong pagkakamali?




    1. Hmmm, mas gusto kong itama ko na lang ang pagkakamali ko. Kung maitatama ko kasi ang mga pagkakamali ko, mag-aaral ako ng mabuti para makakuha ako ng magandang trabaho.

    2. I would press the reset button back to when I was in elementary school and study coding instead of geography. What a waste!

    3. I think I’d rather have the One Million Dollars and put it to good use by establishing a business that would provide jobs to people who are in great need.


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