What would you do if… Nobyembre 22, 2017

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    What would you do if you found out the government was hacking your phone?

    Anong gagawin mo kopag nalaman mong minu-monitor ng gobyerno ang iyong phone?






    1. Khit naman i-monitor nila ang phone ko, wala naman silang makikita o malalaman na masama. Mabait kaya akong tao kaya wala akong itatago.

    2. Big Brother is getting worse. I know that the NSA listens to a lot or at least monitors emails stateside. Sucks but I won’t let it change my life

    3. Phone hacks are illegal. It is considered a breach of privacy, and like wire tapping, you can sue the person who ordered the “hack”. For starters, I will stop using the phone and seek legal help.


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