Twins: The Sequel


In 1988, Danny De Vito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as unlikely twin brothers in a movie aptly named, “Twins”.  At the time, both men were at the top of their game and had huge fan bases, so engaging them as co-stars was not as much as a stretch as the actual movie premise.  The movie did very well, earning over $200 million in box office receipts, which for that time period, was excellent.  De Vito played the character with street smarts and Schwarzenegger had the school smarts.

It’s nearly thirty years later and the sequel to Twins is sure to keep audiences around the world entertained for years to come.  Welcome to Donny and Digong; a media dream come true… or not.

One has been called the American Trump while the other has been called the Filipino Duterte. The two leaders met privately during the 2017 Asean Summit attended by 20 world leaders, and it was noted that they enjoyed their time together. The following will showcase seventeen similarities between the two, however far-fetched, less than serious or never printed.

And yes, the opening pic is purposely grade two bad.

  1. Both are the oldest presidents in their respective countries to be voted into power. Trump is 71 and Duterte is 72
  2. Both were caught cheating on their first wives (Ivana for Trump, Elizabeth Zimmerman for Duterte)
  3. Both have children in high ranking government positions. Duterte’s daughter, Sarah, is the mayor of Davao City; a position once held by Digong for over twenty years
  4. Trump and Duterte are both involved in a political environment where the populace either love or hate them; there seems to be very few who are neutral.
  5. Both take every opportunity to denounce the press as Fake News and by doing so, have created a stronger following. According to recent polls, the leaders have swayed public opinion towards distrusting anything the media prints.   A Filipino report writes: “Duterte’s cynicism toward the press appears to be catching on among his supporters. Journalists who criticize the president’s policies or cover sensitive topics like drug trafficking or corruption face defamation suits and an online backlash. Duterte’s supporters attack them outright or report their online accounts to social media platforms, demanding the takedown of ‘inappropriate content.'”  The Donald, on the other hand, has no issues in admitting he is in a war with the press, calling the NY Times, the failing New York Times and applauding loudly when CNN employees confessed to lying about the Russian probe.  Media bias happens everywhere but nowhere as much as the US and the Philippines.  Coincidentally, both leaders possess a special hate towards CNN.
  6. Neither Duterte nor Trump could be considered as smooth orators. There is no disputing that each is convincing but neither can match their predecessors, Obama and Aquino.  If anything, it can be argued that the twins are rough around the edges when it comes to public speaking
  7. Both have publicly said some not-so-politically correct comments about women. Trump was recorded saying stupidity several years ago, but President Duterte seems to say nasty s—t every second week.
  8. Almost all leaders have great respect for their military and police forces but it can be argued that very few can match the admiration that Trump and Duterte have for their soldiers and men in blue.
  9. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was a Golden Boy when first elected. Obama, Merkel and the like were only too happy to photobomb with him.  Although initially well-received by incoming President Trump, the welcome has worn off and recent NAFTA negotiations have shown Trudeau’s incompetence and Trumps business savvy.  While in the Philippines last week, Trudeau made the inevitable human rights comment and was met with indignation from Duterte, calling the remarks an official and personal insult.  Trudeau’s limelight is wearing thin with both twins.
  10. Neither will ever invite ex-President Obama to their birthday parties.  Duterte once called Obama a bastard while Trump has often referred to – and continues to refer to – the ex-President as incompetent and weak.
  11. Both love using social media to tell their side of any story.  The only difference is that Trump does his own tweeting while Duterte uses beautiful Mocha Uson to relay his messages.
  12. Both were elected in 2016 and both defeated a female candidate.
  13. In most elections, the candidates are seasoned politicians and will spout a long list of future objectives with almost perfect recall and they do so using their strength which is their ability to speak. Not the case in both elections involving the twins.  Duterte cleaned up crime, especially the drug trade, in Davao City and his platform was largely centered around the serious Philippine drug problem.   Trump was a successful businessman who wanted to make America great again.  His supporters believed that he would create jobs.
  14. Both have strongman styles and are almost anxious to drop the gloves with anyone.
  15. Both have called NATO a joke
  16. During their elections, Duterte blamed government elites for the woe of the land while Trump swore to “drain the swamp”.
  17. Neither has a son named Boomer. It’s true…check it yourself.


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