The similarities between Western Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac


There are some who believe that the Chinese Zodiac is borrowed from Western Astrology while others note scientific differences, however slight.  Judging from what you are about to read, can you see great differences?

The Chinese Zodiac is shrouded in Buddhist symbolisms and mythology. Legend has it that when the Buddha arrived in Nirvana, he was greeted by 12 animals, each of whom ruled for years. The order of the zodiac is based on the arrival of 12 animals to deliver the Buddha. Coincidentally, in Western astrology, a person’s destiny is based on 12 signs.

Rat equals Aries. In China, it is believed that you will have a very busy day when you see a rat. It corresponds to the active personality of Aries.

Ox equals Taurus. People born in the Year of Ox and Taurus have similar characteristics. ©  2020

Tiger equals Gemini. The tiger has contrasting stripes that are dark and light like Gemini energy twins.

Rabbit equals Cancer. The crab hides in its shell while the rabbit hides in its den. Both of these signs also emphasize security needs.

Dragon equals Leo. The dragon is considered the king of the Chinese forest while the lion is recognized as the king of the jungle of the West. They are both symbols of leaders.

Snake equals Virgo. The snake in the west symbolizes the demon tempting Eve and Adam in paradise. In the East, the snake is a symbol of a resourceful and intelligent animal. It corresponds to the Virgo symbol of Western knowledge.

Horse equals Libra. The horse is equivalent to the balancing act of a human partner in activities, such as the Libra symbol balance.

Sheep equals Scorpio. In China, sheep are considered loyal animals and are good breeds. Scorpio on the other hand is considered the sexiest sign of the zodiac and one of the most loyal to their partner.

Monkey equals Sagittarius. The half human half beast represents the sense of adventure of the Sagittarius centaur. ©  2020

The Rooster is similar to Capricorn. Goat security in any establishment is symbolized by the goat in Western culture. In ancient China, the rooster was worth a lot of money.

Dog equals Aquarius. The dog is considered man’s best friend. Those born under Aquarius are sociable.

Pig equals Pisces. In Chinese tradition, the pig can be a ferocious animal that cannot be tamed immediately or a farm animal that provides abundance. Pisces has a dual personality, much like the Chinese belief in pigs.

Translated from an article written by Rey de Leon for PhilippineOne



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