The Guardian Angels of Each Zodiac Sign


The archangels are believed to be the most powerful of all lightworkers and angels. Each  zodiac sign has its own special guardian angel. Findout who your guardian angel is and who you can call upon añy time to guide you.

Aries:  Angel Barachiel is the protector of Aries. He is a great helper and his interhuman bonding with is to supply and abundance of hope and positive thoughts.

Taurus: Amiel, the guardian of all Taureans, oversees his flock and demands truth if there is a possibility of making mistakes or doing bad things

Gemini: Metraton gives Gemini’s strength to get them through their trials. It is best to call Metraton during bad times.

Cancer: Angel Dina supplies Cancerians with wisdom to walk the right path in life. He also helps Cancerians to focus of everything he does so that the result is positive.

Leo:  Angel Aquariel is guides the wild spirit of Leo.  He makes Leo’s mind peaceful and helps Leos to develop spirituality.

Virgo: Angel Kadmiel gives Virgos the strength to find themselves. Kadmiel is a voice of truth and is a big help if you feel depressed or broken.

Libra: Angel Barchiel is the Libran protector, offering strength and trust.

Scorpio: Archangel Gabriel a special guardian angel to every Scorpion.

He guides Scorpions so that they won’t make any life changing mistakes. Archangel Gabriel is the most powerful of all archangels.

Sagittarius: Sariel gives Sagittarians a perfect insight to all things. Samiel sends subliminal messages to Sagittarians as a warning if there’s coming danger.

Capricorn: Angel Cambuela offers Capricornians the strength of imagination and creativity. It’s angel Cambuela’s responsibility to maintain a Capricorns determination until he/she reaches a goal.

Aquarius: Angel Chamuel protects Aquarians and supplies them the energy to balance between material and spiritually.

Pisces:  Angel Anael gives Piscean’s a strong sensuality.  When it comes to love, he gives every Piscean luck and success.


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