Tarot Readings: The Major Arcana Cards


  A tarot deck contains 24 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana Cards.

        Today we will discuss the Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck.

        Each Major Arcana Card will feature titles and a collection of several human and animal caricatures. The major arcana directly symbolizes some aspect of personality for each caricature.

        Here are the Major Arcana Cards and meaning of each card.

0. The Fool — a new agreement is coming or will be presented to you by chance. Be wary of scammers.

1. The Magician — Symbolizes a new beginning.

2. The High Priestess — Symbolizes feminine influences in your life. It could be your mother, aunt, sister, or girlfriends who will give you another perspective on the problem you are facing.

3. The Empress — Abundance is coming. It can also mean new life, categorically speaking. Or new life in a womb.

4. The Emperor — Stability in the current situation.

5. The Hierophat — Prepare to be judged on the things you do.

6. The Lovers — You can choose whether to pursue your plan or not. Whatever your choice, you will not be defeated.

7. The Chariot — Success in the field you want to enter.

8. Justice — It’s time to balance your life.

9. The Hermit — There is a wise man to advise you.

10. Wheel of Fortune — Wheel of Fortune. Expect the situation of your life to change in the future.

11. Strength — You can overcome any problem in the future.

12. The Hanged Man — Trust only the advice of those who care about you. Listen to them and let life flow naturally.

13. Death — A drastic event will change the current course of your life. It can also mean a change of mind.

14. Temperance — learn to wait and not rush plans so as not to miss out on all opportunities.

15. The Devil — You are involved in a bad habit that you must avoid before it ruins your life. It could be about your crazy love, or literal vices like smoking and alcohol.

16. The Tower — A sudden event will come into your life, and you will be forced to adjust.

17. The Star — A new inspiration will come into your life.

18. The Moon — An acquaintance or life partner has a secret about you. It is smart to be careful.

19. The Sun — Losing the chain that binds you. It can eventually move on to failed love, recovering from a fallen livelihood, and other aspects of life.

20. Judgment — Peace of life.

21. The World — You are reminded to be sensitive to the feelings of the people around you. Be careful of the words that are dropped because they will come back to hurt you.

 An experienced tarot card reader can read the combined meaning of the cards in the tarot deck. Reading a card can be compared to reading a children’s illustrated book. The tarot card reader will narrate his interpretation of the cards, including the combined energy of the person reading the cards.

Cards drawn longitudinally have a positive meaning. Cards drawn upside down or reversed have the opposite meaning. For example, if the card drawn favorably is “Judgment”, it means peace and security in the life of the person reading. But the reverse Judgment card means chaos and impending trouble.

Tarot cards are a fantastic way to open up about your life’s issues and discuss safely with the tarot reader