Spell for Problems with Money, Love life or Family

Are you experiencing problems with money, love life or family members including your partner?  Try the following technique to rid you of many problems.  The only issue is that it must be performed at midnight.

Prepare a glass of clean water and add a pinch of salt. If your problem is about money, you should light a green candle. If your problem concerns your love life, you should light a pink or red candle. For a troubled family, do the same with a white candle. If you are having health problems, use a blue candle.  If you believe your entire life is a failure, use a violet candle.


First, you should hold the candle while facing towards your kitchen table, or to the north (wherever the sun will rise). After you light the candle specific to your needs, say a heartfelt prayer to God.  When done, grab the glass with salted water and make a wish to fix your present problem.  Let the candle melt and start drinking the salt water.  When done, remove the excess melted wax from the candle and dispose it in the trash can.  Go to sleep and awake to one less problem. 

Do not wish for anything that will help you but  harm someone else.