Signs that he is your destiny


The methods of the universe are quite mysterious. It has many intricate systems and wonderful ways to convey its message. One of the extraordinary processes of the universe is how it delivers the person destined for you. A person comes into our life to fulfill a set event or destiny in accordance with the Great Design of the Universe. Someone is coming or has arrived to teach us a lesson and included in this lesson is someone the universe has purposely dedicated to you to be and remain with. Creating the perfect relationship between two souls or spirits is a cosmic event called true and pure love, or one true love in English. This person is your spirit mate, soulmate and twin flames.

        We do not love and/or fall in love just once in our whole lives. There is a chance that the person we thought was our true love is unfortunately, not our soulmate. In diagnosing the person set for you, it is important to consider some unique signs or signs delivered by the universe. Also, remember that true love is not only limited to physical attraction, but something that permeates your soul and personality.

1. Your intuition tells you that he is. Learn to listen correctly to what your intuition says. Our subconscious works 24/7 and sends us subliminal messages. Once you recognize your “The One”, your intuition will shout out to you and your soul and spirit will feel it. It’s not just a simple psychical attraction.

2. You will be motivated. Suddenly you will feel enthusiasm in everything you do because you are motivated. You will no longer be afraid to do the things you used to hesitate to do because you know someone will support you. Once “The One” arrives, you will be the best version of yourself.

3. You can forget all the pain caused by past love. This person will come to remind you again of the joy and hope that true and pure love brings. He will make you feel that you are valuable and deserve to be loved.

4. You will be happy and positive. The joy and hope this person will bring you is different that you can ever remember feeling. He will show you the best and most beautiful version of this world. Whatever hang-ups and frustrations you have in life, he will eliminate, causing you to forget all the negativizes in life. He will support you in a happy and fulfilled life.

5. You will have genuine empathy. You will feel a very strong empath connection with this person. This is the invisible bond that binds your souls. You will understand each other even when you are not speaking. You will become one.