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Everything You Need to Know About the Zodiac Sign Cancer




Welcome to the world of astrology and the intriguing world of the zodiac sign, Cancer. In this book, we explore the deepest depths of this water sign, seeking to understand the unique qualities, traits, and characteristics that make Cancers a truly fascinating and nurturing soul. The title of this book in the series is somewhat more descriptive based on the noun.

One of the fun aspects of these books is comparing the knowledge to someone you know. I can think of five Cancers – including myself – who are near perfect matches to what you will read in this book. In fact, I was blown away by what I researched. The more I researched, the more I enjoyed the wonder behind astrology and the fascinating history. I hope that fascination shows up in my writing style, even if I have followed a template.

The beauty of this book, “Everything You Need to Know About the Zodiac Sign Cancer“, is that while reading it, you realize that much of what you’ve been fed about astrology in every media format, whether it be a horoscope or a birth analyses, is total rubbish. You will soon be able to see click bait or scam artists from a mile away. There is so much information in these pages, so kick off your shoes, lie on your couch and enjoy the only reference you’ll ever need to learn about Cancers.