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Everything You Need To Know About Aries



Welcome to “Everything You Need to Know About Aries.” Within these pages, I have fully documented the captivating nature of those born under this dynamic and somewhat assertive sign. From a multitude of chapters on character traits, to luck, lucky charms, birthdate analysis and compatibility, you will be able to reference everything you need to remember, learn, and have fun analyzing friends, family and strangers.

I never set out to write astrology books but the more I read, the more fascinated I became. In the last year alone, I have spoken with a dozen so-called experts to get their opinions and I quickly learned that the vast majority were nothing but con artists and that’s why I decided to write these books. The believers as well as the curious must have a valid reference book so that they can call bulls-t when one of these charlatans tries to sell them fifteen minutes of advice for thirty-nine dollars.

Astrology, without the thieves, is a beautiful subject or art form that has to be fully represented to be appreciated. You’re about to read analyses from hundreds of years of established astrological charts and forecasting. Paying ten dollars for a seventy-page e-book on any astrology subject is absurd. My goal with these books is to end the theft and finish the career charlatans who prey on people who need assistance with their lives.

Seventy-one chapters and 300 e-book pages of information for $1.99. Enjoy your new reference book!