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23 Minutes Past 1 A.M.



In the early morning of her sister’s wedding day, Mila Kharmalov stared in stunned silence at the colored sparks streaming from Reactor Four of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. At that cataclysmic moment, her life, and the lives of everyone she knew changed forever.

Years later and on another continent, Adam Byrd was writing biographies for everyday people looking to leave their legacy in book form. When the woman he loved phoned from Kiev offering him the chance to author the story of a lifetime, he jumped at the opportunity not realizing that his voyage would be a bumpy ride through a nation’s dark underbelly. With the help of his friend’s quirky cousin, Aaron is plunged into a chilling yet fascinating adventure of love, horror, and psychotic revenge, culminating with a catastrophic finale.

23 Minutes Past 1 A.M. is a work of fiction based on nightmarish yet factual events from Chernobyl and villages throughout Ukraine. You will jump into two equally deadly stories that meld into one and be transported to an era of debilitating fear and lost humanity. Although 23 Minutes Past 1 a.m. is a work of fiction, the background detail and storyline (including life in villages) are frighteningly factual. History is often based on mind-shattering mistakes and 23 Minutes Past 1 A.M. will drop you into the longtime relationship between Ukraine and Russia.