Our Greetings Page


The Greetings Page allows our readers to have a webpage created for any special occasion.  If you want to wish a sibling or partner a Happy Birthday or Happy Valentines Day etc… all you have to do is the email the following to info@philippineone.com:

  1. Name of the person you are celebrating
  2. Photos – max of 10 photos
  3. A song for the occasion if available
  4. A few words from you on what you’re wishing or feeling.  Generally 50-200 words is common for a website greeting and you may do this in any Filipino language/dialect

Give us a few days advance warning or let us know when the greeting should be posted.  We will, in turn, send you the URL once completed.

An example of a birthday wish can be seen here or here

An example of our Valentines greeting can be found here

Show someone how special they are to you and send us your request.  This offer is 100 percent FREE!!





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