Modern Day Monarchy and the Philippines

Monarchies were created long ago by landowners who would share their land for a fixed monthly cost or via taxes.  The self-appointed Kings or Queens – usually ascended Barons – would protect their land and its inhabitants with soldiers.  These monarchies would grow by annexing land and defeating other self-proclaimed Kings and Queens.  This is the rather simple history to what the world is now left with when describing the existence of a monarchy.  They were the victorious and therefore, they wrote the history, often omitting gross misconducts and massacres and replacing these atrocities with fairy tales of great heroism.

To believe that any monarchy is filled with glorious tales of love and affection for their citizens is the result of clever manipulation on truly naïve yet hopeful populaces.   If anyone took the time, they would find the lineage of every monarchy in the world is filled with tyranny, death, slaughter and starvation of the Kingdoms peons, farmers and merchants.  There is nothing romantic about this nor is there anything romantic about any piece of history that encouraged one family to lord over thousands of families.

The British Royal family is a mainstay in media tabloids, most of it gushing about fashion choices and children’s birthdays.   Mind you, the recent separation of Harry from Buckingham Palace has been a pleasant surprise.  Harry is the only forward thinker of the lot.  That being said, the family receives an extraordinary amount of money every year, estimated to be 67 million pounds.  To be fair, the family brings in five times that amount every year to the British economy and is a much-needed source of income to a nation that has trailed Germany for the last 40 years in the European marketplace.  In other words, the present-day royal family is a product not unlike milk and cheese.

Nonetheless, the idea that a single family in the 21st century should be lauded or privileged beyond Godlike proportions is absurd.  If you treat royalty like a product then give them an expiration date and return them to every day society.  The same applies in the Philippines.  The Duterte family cannot be treated like royalty.  They are people elected by people and they must have an expiry date.  Filipinos cannot allow history to be rewritten or broad stroked by single families and therefore the hierarchy in these families should be layered in between decades, not months.   Allowing one family member to replace another in any government is not unlike Russia’s leader Putin becoming a Premier after years of being the President.  He is still running the show but in the background.   This is by no means a commentary on the Philippines president; it is instead a warning that love or complacency towards any leader, and/or his family, past an allotted time period is the template for tyranny and this has been proven many times over.   We have already been down the subservient road, don’t let it happen again. Remove the romance and see the real story.

In a world that constantly complains about the overly rich and inequality, there cannot be double standards on privilege.  Dispense of all things “Royal” and remove any possibility of governmental dynasties.  Change is the only constant and without change you (and we) become irrelevant or pawns.  Say goodbye and move on before history repeats itself.  You’ll be surprised at how much you won’t miss them.

This is an op-ed and must be treated as such


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