Although skin whitening is popular in the Philippines, it’s great to know that many Filipinos choose to embrace their natural Morena skin. Morena skin is so beautiful and the following makeup tips can make it even more beautiful:


It can be difficult to choose a foundation that is perfect for your skin tone so don’t hesitate to mix two foundations until you achieve the closest color to your skin tone. Do not choose a lightweight foundation for your skin tone. Don’t hide your awesome Morena skin.


Choose a one shade lighter concealer on your foundation. Apply it under the eyes, around the nostrils, lips corners, middle of nose, forehead and chin. Aside from the concealer, the concealer will also highlight your features.


Choose a powder that matches the color of your foundation or use a transparent powder. Using a powder brush, dab it over the entire face or the T-zone area if you want to maintain the dewiness of the rest of your face.


Show off your gorgeous Morena skin using coral, rose or deep orange to complement your complexion. Start blending from the apple of cheeks upwards. Do not use blush as a contour. If you want to contour your face, use contour powder that is at least three shades darker than your skin tone.


The use of highlighters / illuminators is perfect on Morena skin as the effect is very noticeable. It gives the skin a warm, golden glow. Only apply highlighter / illuminator to certain points of the face – cheekbones, under eyebrows, middle of forehead, nose, cupid’s bow and chin.


The perfect canvases for Morena skin are pastel eyeshadows like pink, green, purple etc. The richness of these color appears immediately on Morena’s.

If you are not a fan of pastel colors and you are more comfortable with nude colors, go ahead and perfect the smokey eye look with J.LO.


One of the struggles for any lady with Morena skin tone is to find the right lip shade but don’t worry because there is a way to find out what is right for you. You just need to know if you have a cool or warm undertone. Look at the top of your wrist (back of your hand) and if you see any blue, you have what is known as a cool undertone.  If you see green, then you have a warm undertone. If you see blue green, your undertone is neutral. Another way to find out your undertone is with. If yellow and/or gold jewelries complement your skin, your undertone is warm. If it’s silver, your undertone is cool. If either compliment your skin, your undertone is neutral.

For those with cool undertones, bright red lip shades can be yours. For those with warm undertones, coral or orange shades are a must. Dark mahoganies and deep browns are safe for both with cool and warm undertones.

Based on a Tagalog article written by Mia Salonga

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MIA SALONGA studied professional makeup and worked as a nurse in a dermatological center. She is also a romance writer and is currently training to become a scriptwriter. She hopes to one day see her written work come alive on the small or big screen.