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As of February, 10th, PhilippineOne will be accepting original videos from Filipino filmmakers and paying 70 percent commission on all revenue for your video(s) earned from YouTube monetization.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students, part-time filmmakers, and just about anyone with a camera and a good idea.

We will accept almost all videos as long as they do NOT contain pornography, any form of sexism, unnecessary violence or bullying or anything that is against YouTube terms and conditions. 

At the beginning of each month, you will be sent a screenshot of your videos monetization from our YouTube channel as proof of what the video(s) has earned.   We will then arrange payment, usually via PayPal if the amount is a minimum of 1000 PHP. If the 1000 PHP minimum is not met, the next months total will be combined with the previous until 1000 PHP is earned.

There are several methods to send your videos:

  1. Post on the PhilippineOne Facebook page or Filipino’s Best Facebook page.  Your video will be removed once it has been added to our PhilippineOne YouTube channel.  Remember to mention that your video is for the PhilippineOne YT channel.
  2. Send your video to    Be aware that your video may be too large to send via email unless you zip the file.
  3. Post your video on your Facebook page and let us know.  Once the video has been added to our YouTube channel, you must delete your video from your Facebook page.  This is compulsory or all profits will be delayed or held.
  4. Send us a link to where we can download your original video. Email the link to or message the link on the PhilippineOne Facebook page

Be creative and if filming with a cellphone, film in landscape (horizontal and not vertical).   Funny videos are popular but funny doesn’t mean demeaning someone else.  That’s not funny, it’s bullying. 

Students wanting to film sports events must get permission from their school administration and a verbal confirmation from both coaches – preferably videotaped.  High school sports can be very popular so join now before it’s too late.


  1. The person submitting the video accepts responsibility for all content.  PhilippineOne may edit videos without consent from the submitter.
  2. All videos must be in Tagalog or have Tagalog subtitles.  Spoken Tagalog and English subtitles is also allowed.
  3. All videos must be filmed for a Filipino audience
  4. All submitted videos must be original and cannot be posted on any other Internet platform nor can the video contain portions of any other YouTube video.  If the video is owned by someone other than the person who submitted the video, the submitter will be banned; all revenue will be held and possible legal action will be pursued.
  5. Videos with minors must have parental consent
  6. No bullying
  7. No pornography
  8. No videos will be accepted that go against the YouTube terms and conditions
  9. Once your first video is accepted, you become a commissioned representative of PhilippineOne but not an employee of PhilippineOne. 
  10. PhilippineOne is not responsible for “lost” videos, i.e. videos we cannot track or find or have not reached one of our representatives.
  11. Preferred payment method is PayPal.  PhilippineOne is not responsible for PayPal fees.  If any other method of payment is requested that requires fee payment in advance, the fees will be removed from the submitter’s revenue.
  12.  Once a video is uploaded to PhilippineOne’s YouTube channel, the video becomes the possession of PhilippineOne although a percentage of revenue (at this time, 70 percent) will always be paid to the submitter.  The submitter cannot use any video posted on PhilippineOne on any other website or platform.
  13. PhilippineOne reserves the right to add/remove/modify any rule and or condition related above


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