Online Karaoke Contest Regulations, Terms, Prizes and Registration


    NEW:  You can now send your videos via text or Whatsapp to 63 995 497 6899 

    Videos can be viewed at

    Or listen to our contestants on our exclusive radio station here:

    Important: If you are unable to upload your video from our registration form just email it to with your full name and city.  Or if your video is on your FB page, send us the URL

    Regulations and Terms:

    1. Your video entry should be properly edited before sending to PhilippineOne. Time before and after your singing should not exceed 4 seconds.
    2. Contestants under the age of 18 must add a parents email address in the Registration Comments box.  Failure to do so will eliminate the contestant from this contest.  Please note that we will have many contests for 11-17 amateur singers beginning 1, 2019
    3. This contest is for Filipinos residing in the Philippines with an exception for OFWs who can confirm residence in the Philippines
    4. This contest is for Amateur singers only. Anyone who has received any form of monetary gain from singing (in any form of entertainment) in the last 60 months is not allowed to participate.  Preference given to Karaoke videos.
    5. All videos will be uploaded to the PhilippineOne website with comments disabled. The Top Ten finalist’s videos will be posted on the PhilippineOne YT channel with all comments being monitored. Disrespectful comments will be deleted.
    6. Many of the videos will be formatted into a MP3 and uploaded to our website radio. Contestants can listen to continuous play 24/7
    7. Videos must be kept respectable; nothing that would warrant a PG warning will be judged or posted
    8. No swearing allowed. Your video will never be posted if there is swearing
    9. To abide with copyright laws, all YT videos will have a link to the original song owner and where to buy the music.
    10. All decisions on judging videos are final
    11. First, second and third place winners cannot compete in any other PhilippineOne karaoke contests for one calendar year.
    12. Contestants can sing in any Filipino language or dialect including English and in any musical genre. Have fun


    1st – 5000 PHP SM Card

    2nd – 3000 PHP SM Card

    3rd – 1500 PHP Data Load

    Best Video – 2500 PHP

    Contest #1:

    Registration closes December 16, 2018

    Top Ten announced December 31, 2018

    Winners announced on January 12th, 2019

    Videos can be viewed at

    How to Register:

    1. Scroll down on this page and register. (Every field with a red asterisk is required).After adding full name and email address, upload your video. When done, press the Register button.If you are having problems uploading your video, you may email your video to with the subject being your first and last name
    2. If you are still having issues, please email us at and we will send you one last resolution.
    3. If your video has not been posted within 72 hours, please email us at
    4. PhilippineOne does not charge for contests nor do we work with third party businesses. Be very careful of scam artists claiming they can help you win if you pay them a fee.

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