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PhilippineOne is committed to building homes for street children as well as constructing vertical farms to feed communities.Support our mission by supporting our advertisers or by contacting us at info@philippineone.com
PhilippineOne Outreach

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I will build a nation that the world will want to emulate

I will protect our nation’s environment to ensure a healthy life for future generations.

I will follow and spread the good traits of true blood Filipinos.

I will encourage Filipinos to buy quality products Made in the Philippines

I will ensure that my community is a safe environment for all citizens

I will work to ensure my children have an excellent education

I will fight to ensure that all Filipinos have healthy food

I will support our military and law officers

I will respect my fellow Filipinos

I will forever be proud to wave the flag of the Philippines

And when strangers ask who I am, I will tell them my name and without hesitation, I will say,





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