All living things, including some nonliving objects, have an aura. An aura is the electromagnetic field of a person that envelops his entire body. It comes in different colors, depending on a person’s emotions and/or health status.

Our electromagnetic field or aura can capture the negative energies around us and it is important to cleanse our aura from negative energies so that it does not accumulate and affect us later on.

There are several ways to cleanse our aura:

  1. Use the power of gemstones.  The gemstones that can cleanse an  aura are citrine, quartz, and amethyst. Hold the crystal or place it on your forehead for 30 minutes.

2. Take a bath with warm water mixed with rock salt. Salt is one of the most effective eliminators of negative energy in the body. Make it a habit to take a bath, especially if you feel heavy (or stressed).

3. Visualize. Sit in a place where no one will disturb you and relax your mind. When all worries have been removed from the mind, visualize a white light radiating throughout your body and this will break the dark aura that has been enveloping your body. Do this before bedtime.

4. Connect yourself to nature. Plants and trees can help eliminate the negative energy that clings to your aura. Plants absorb negative energy.