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Chinese Horoscope (ENG) June 27, 2024


You won’t have much to do today except for the household chores you used to do. A call will be received from an old friend that will brighten your day.

Lucky number; 5,16,20,23


Even if you are full of doubts, you will still try to apply for the job you desire. Although you want it very much, you know that you still lack the ability, especially the experience, to enter it.

Lucky number; 30,31,40,41


You can’t help but suspect a member of your family whom you trust with money. How many times your calculation does not match his calculation that’s why it makes you think.

Lucky number; 14,16,19,22


What you fear will happen to your child has not yet happened. But as soon as possible, try to lead him on another path if you don’t want what you fear to happen.

Lucky number; 33,36,40,49


You will work harder with food today because your cook at home is also happy to serve you delicious food that you will like. He doesn’t want you to criticize that’s why he will improve the cooking.

Lucky number; 3,13,15,17


You cannot correct one person’s mistake with another’s mistake. It will only appear that you tolerate him. It would be better if you let him solve his own problem in a proper way.

Lucky number; 26,28,40,45


No matter what you do, you can’t bring back the past luck that has passed. It would be better if you just focus on the present and think about what you can earn in the future.

Lucky number; 11,17,20,30


Because of the mistakes that will happen today in your life, you will look for someone to blame. You will turn on people who have nothing to do with your problem. So instead of solving the problem, it will increase.

Lucky number; 50,60,61,73


Because of a great debt of gratitude, you will not be able to refuse a favor that a friend who is far away will ask you. His request is difficult but you have no choice but to grant it.

Lucky number; 6,8,9,10


Now you will get the blessing you have been waiting for for months. That’s why today will be very clear for you. You put stress aside first because you don’t want to spoil your fun.

Lucky number; 9,19,21,24


Something you have been missing for a long time you find today. This thing is important to you, that’s why you will be very happy to meet it. Because of this, your long-term plan will come true.

Lucky number; 52,53,68,69


The day has come when you temporarily leave the business you loved because of some problems you are facing now. You need to solve it before you can start again.

Lucky number; 56,70,74,78

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