HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT: 12 Guaranteed Signs That He Doesn’t Love You

Once you’ve fallen in love with someone, you will wish that the romance continues until your final days on earth.  Unfortunately, there may come a time in your relationship where you are no longer sure that your partner is sharing the same emotions as you and the doubts can be so strong that they become a crushing anxiety.

Read this article to learn the signs that the man you are starting or hoping to love isn’t feeling the same ying to your yang as you. If you think the following fits your situation, don’t lose faith in love, it will happen when you least expect it.  Also, remember that no man can complete you. The “you complete me” movie jargon is typical Hollywood nonsense.  Here are your signs:

1. He keeps his distance and makes sure that you don’t get too close.

There is always a distance between the two of you. You can see in his non-verbal gestures that he does not want you to be close to him.

2. He is not touchy – feely with you.

Sometimes, a man who is interested in you will exhibit non-verbal gestures such as hugging or cuddling. It is of course possible that your new man is rather prudish or naturally standoffish but, in most cases, if there is no reciprocation, there is no love expectation.

3. He doesn’t like what you like.

Opposites attract?  Maybe not.  When two people meet and are instantly drawn to each other, it is usually because they share the same interests.  If your new love interest doesn’t want to know or shows no attempt to share your interests, give up and move on.

4. His eye contact with you doesn’t last long.

You will know when someone likes you because they stare into your eyes with wonder and probably a bit of lust.  If this new guy looks away then, more often than not, he is not interested.

5. He doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

A man who is interested in you will laugh, or at the very least grunt appreciatively at your jokes.  He wants to have fun with you.  Anyone who dismisses your jokes with rolling eyes is not interested in you and is probably as boring as dry toast.

6. He asks you for advice about relationships.

You are his escape when he does not understand something to do with love. It means he thinks of you as a friend. Oh well….

7. He never flirts with you.

Most men, no matter how shy, naïve, or inexperienced, will make some type of advance with obnoxious flirtation, attractive flirtation, or clumsy flirtation.  If this never happens, he doesn’t dig you.  Move on.

8. You always start the conversation.

This one is rather obvious.  If you are the one to always initiate your conversations and he is the one to end them – probably abruptly – drop him like a burned bagel.

9. He doesn’t notice when you’re wearing make-up or nice clothes.

Women love to dress up and show their natural good looks with or without makeup.  Most of the time, ladies make quite the effort to look attractive to potential partners.  Men will almost always gawk (sometimes on the creepy side) and compliment your beauty but if he doesn’t appreciate your efforts, he’s a goner and not fast enough.

10. He doesn’t talk to you unless related to work.

He is only interested in a professional relationship and won’t be sharing any flirts anytime soon. Office romances are dangerous anyway so you’re better off forgetting him. 

11. He doesn’t make any effort to impress you.

Men are baboons at heart and will always try to attract a female with pointless, albeit sometimes hysterical acts in the hope of impressing a lady.  If your hope for a long-lasting relationship makes no attempt to impress you then chances are good that he ain’t The One.

12. You can see from his body language that he is not interested in you.

Did you know that bodies can be like magnets?  Two people who are attracted to each other will always lean slightly towards the recipient of their attraction.  In the words of Olivia Newton-John, “Let me hear your body talk”.  Twirling of hair, blushing, and indiscreet smiles are all examples that your desired partner likes you.


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