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Located in Visayas, Philippines, Negros is one of the largest islands in the country with a land area of 12,706 km². The entire island is divided into two provinces, Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. Known for its pristine beaches, lush mountains and a healthy eco-system, Negros is definitely a location that should be added to any wander luster’s itinerary.

Negros Island is home to many white sand beaches, most of which have remained untouched because they are protected preserved by the local government.  Whether commercial or endangered sanctuary, caretakers and beach officers do what is necessary to ensure wildlife in the area are protected.

Negros Beaches:  Lakawon Island Resorts & Spa

 Lakawon is one of the most accessible beach resorts in Negros Occidental. Located in Viejo, Cadiz, the sand bar is the perfect place to relax.

Accompanied by crystal clear waters and a calming vibe, the resort offers Filipino food choices and overnight accommodation at an affordable price.

Party-goers that are in the mood to immerse themselves in nature can “rock the boat” as Lakawon is the first resort in Negros with a floating bar.  Summer events range from sports to beach parties, making the islet serene and festive at the same time.

White Sand Beaches in Sipalay and Bayawan

One of the best things about the beaches in Negros Occidental is FREE ENTRANCE! You can set up a tent and camp for the night but make sure you bring food and water because none is available on the beaches.  Basically from anywhere in Negros Occidental you can hop on a bus and when you arrive in Bayawan, ask the locals where the shoreline is, and you can camp on the beach free of charge.

One of the best things about Bayawan as a small town is the pleasant and helpful people who live there. The locals are very accommodating and some may invite you into their homes for dinner or allow you to use their toilets.

Just a few kilometers away from Bayawan is the town of Sipalay, known as the beach capital of Negros Oriental. Just a few meters away from the bus terminal, trike drivers will gladly take you to the nearest resort. Depending on your preference, you can stay at an artsy dive (as in diving) resort or a laid back, luscious vacation spot; your options are numerous.

They have luxury resorts within the area and they also have budget friendly hostels. If you’ve got extra time on your hands, you can do some island hopping and visit the neighboring islets, most of which are deserted, so it’s like owning an entire island to yourself.

Sipalay is a bit expensive compared to Lakawon, but meals and accommodation are excellent and reach the standards of all westerners. Going on group trips organized by your hotel can save you dollars.

Danjugan Island

Danjugan is every traveler’s dream. It’s not just a marine sanctuary, it’s also one of the best learning centers in the province. Care takers of the island make it a point to educate the visitors and orientate them on the dos and don’ts on the island.

Danjugan is cared for by The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Foundation, Inc. with the help of the LGU. Taking care of the marine sanctuary was a tough climb for the team, but their efforts eventually paid off.

The entire island is a paradise and visitors can swim with different fish species and various forms of marine life. There are also different birds nesting across the island, some of which are endangered!

The island exhibits a diverse eco system which is rich in flora and fauna. The island preservation efforts have definitely paid off as endangered species now consider Danjugan as their home.

Staying on the island does come with a price and although it is quite expensive, the funds are being used for island preservation and research.

These three travel destinations are only a few of what is waiting for you in Negros. If you wish to know more about the Philippines, please follow our website PhilippineOne for new travelogues. See you next article!

Written by Abbie Uychiat

Abbie Uychiat studied BS Psychology and is an aspiring independent film director based in the Philippines. She is a dreamer and is juggling the joys of single motherhood, her career as a recruitment specialist and a freelance writer. Part of her mission is to provide a better and cleaner Philippines for the future generation.


  1. OMG I’m inlove with Danjugan. glad to know you feature this on your site. I urge other readers to visit Danjugan and Sipalay too. you’ll fall inlove with the place

    • We went to Danjugan and immediately fell in love with the place. it is, however a bit expensive.


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