Find out if you know someone from a past life


A reader of PhilippineOne sent a private message and asked if there was a way to find out if those you are with now have been with you in a past life.

        This question is very interesting. In fact, most of the things we associate with in our current life have to do with our past life or lives. One theory of Reincarnation states that spirits can travel to different lifetimes together and this is known as “soul family” or “soul bundle”. These spirits are interconnected and recognized in science as chemically bonded. Spirit is considered a form of energy.

As energies, spirits with equal frequency levels come together. Like particles and atoms, these spirits are contiguous, and although there is a chance that they may not be born at the same time or in the same lifetime, the influence of each can be traced to either their soul family or soul bundles as spirit guides.

Another theory about Reincarnation says that everything we do in our present life has to do with our karmic debt. It is said that there are no accidents in this world. Everyone we meet and associate with has a reason or purpose — and that is to fill our karmic debt. It may be that the people we are with today have done us wrong or it may be that we have done good and are now returning to fulfill our karmic debt. Therefore, if this person has done us harm, or vice versa, he returns to our present life so that he or we can pay, whatever he owes you or you owe him. Likewise, if you have done good to someone in the past life, he may be here again and acting so that he can repay you for your good deeds.

        Now, when you ask how you can recognize if the people you’ve been with before have been with you before in a past life, there are signs for you to recognize them.

1. You will feel a deep connection with this person. He is that person that even when you first see him, you know in the depths of your heart that you have seen him and been with him at a past time and place. It’s the feeling that you know you’re bonded but you can’t figure out how. But it explains why you can quickly become friends without any doubts of his loyalty. He is your friend who has no walls or boundaries because he seems to understand the reasons behind everything happening in your life. He is your friend who is very close to you but there is no intimate response in your body. Meaning, no malice as long as you are just friends, and you are considered more than brothers and sisters. This is a sign that this person is your soul family and therefore, you have been together for more than one lifetime.

2. You have a telepathic bond. An example of a telepathic bond is when you think of someone and that person suddenly calls your cell phone, or visits you unannounced. That is, you capture each other’s minds. When you’re together, you feel the way he feels. You know if he’s hungry, if he’s tired, or if he’s irritated. Even when you’re not speaking, your brain already understands what is expected or needed. This happens because your spirits are already connected to a past life.

3. You feel strangely annoyed with this person. Often,  your bond with a person in your past life is not always positive or pleasant. Sometimes it is negative, so you feel strangely annoyed or perturbed with someone even though he is not presently doing anything to you. He could be someone you have just met, yet you are immediately irritated by him, or you sense an evil in his behavior. This happens because your spirit recognizes past events and what this person did to you in a past life, so your subconscious reminds you why you displaced him.

4. You feel guilt or pity for the person. This is the opposite of the third example mentioned above. He is the person you feel a strange guilt towards even if you have just been introduced. You will feel light-hearted towards this person with a desire to do good towards him. This is happening because you performed some nasty stuff to this person in a past life.  You then feel strongly towards doing whatever good you can to make up for your past indiscretions.

5. You feel lust or sexual connection with this person. This is the person who, even if he is not beautiful or handsome, will make you fall in love. That’s a tip