Feng Shui Tips for Your Love Life


Having a love life requires a lot of maintenance, emotion, time and attention so you’re your relationship doesn’t grow stale.  Here are some Feng shui tips that can vault your love life over the top.

  • Keep your room clean. The flow of the energy slows when your room is a mess.  On the other hand, you need to arrange your furniture and trinkets so that nothing can block positive energy, which has a good effect for your love life.  
  • Leave space for another person in your room if you want your present relationship to end up in marriage.  Imagine that you are sleeping with your partner and clear space inside your dresser and closet as if to allow space for your partner.
  • Use the Feng shui power of Mandarin Ducks. If you want to experience luck and success in your relationship, place three pieces of Mandarin Duck at the south-west side of your room. You can buy Mandarin Ducks in any China Town.
  • Throw out all your old clothes that you wore during failed relationships. Yes, the obvious is in play here.  Anything an ex gave you should not be in your room no matter how expensive.  Throw it out and the negative energy will leave with it.
  • Remove anything that represents negative energy.  That includes paintings, figurines and sculptures with sad faces, or fighting or any form of tragedy.  These objects will bring negative energy to your love life.
  • Avoid placing anything in front of the door; blocking the door. The doors in your house should be open wide.  All the doors inside your home should be open wide. Half open doors can block the flow of positive energy.
  • Don’t block “chi energy” in your house.  Make sure that there is no furniture blocking the main door to your room.  You should be able to walk without any blockages because chi energy flows through empty spaces.  Also ensure that hallway towards your room is well lit.
  • If your bed is too close to a wall or against a wall, there’s a good chance you will get “stuck” in a relationship, going nowhere.  If possible, shift your bed to the centre of the room so that anyone is free to lie down.  Make sure that the headboard is strong because it represents a solid love life.
  • Avoid exercising inside your room and don’t place any sports equipment inside your bedroom. Being tired after exercising will affect your love life.
  • You should affirm that you are in a happy relationship.  Make a collage of your love and hang it on your bedroom wall.

The above tips are just a reminder.  The solid foundation of any relationship is trust, understanding, and accepting the flaws of your partner. These Feng shui tips can add more positive energy to your relationship.

Taken from a Tagalog article written by Rey de Leon


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