Feng Shui Tips For Your Love Life

Having a love life and maintaining it requires proper attention, time, and emotions. Proper understanding of your partner is needed to ensure you don’t lose the warmth and excitement of your relationship. Here are some feng shui tips you can try to greatly improve the current state of your love life.

1. Keep the room clean. Energy flow will be slow and weak if your room is dirty. Therefore, everything here needs to be organized so that nothing becomes an obstacle to the smooth flow of positive energy that has a positive effect on your love life. Every time you clean, ring a bell or clap to avoid getting stuck in negative energy and letting positivity flow smoothly into your room.

2. Make space for another person in your bedroom to culminate in your current relationship. Yes, affirm that you seem to be with your partner sleeping in your room. Put an empty pillow next to you and imagine that he/she is next to you while you sleep. Also, remove unnecessary clutter in your closet or closet and imagine that the vacant space here is for your partner’s use.

3. Use the feng shui power of Mandarin Ducks. If you want to fill your love life with luck and success and attract positive energy into your romantic life, place three pieces of Mandarin Ducks on the south-west side of your room. Mandarin Ducks can be purchased in Binondo or China Town.

4. Throw away old clothes that remind you of failed relationships in the past. Yes, move on. Don’t leave any of your ex’s belongings in your room — no matter how expensive or how nostalgic you are. Throw them away and burn them to completely break the negative energy bound to them.

5. Eliminate anything with a negative representation in your room. Paintings or sculptures with a sad face and depicting scenes of chaos, hunger, war, and other unpleasant events carry negative energy that also has an impact on your love life.

6. Avoid placing objects that could block your doorway. The doors to your home should be wide open. Avoid placing dressers or anything behind the door so that it can be opened wide open. Half-opened doors block the comfortable flow of positive energy.

7. Do not block the flow of “Chi” energy in the house. Make sure there is no obstructing furniture in the passage from the main door to your room. You should be able to walk without hindrance because it is the medium of Chi energy. Also make sure the path to your room is clear. You can put a chandelier or LED to brighten every corner of your house.

8. Adjust the position of your bed. If a part of your bed is glued to the wall, there is a tendency that you will be stuck in a relationship, even if you are no longer happy. Whenever possible, the bed should be in the center of your room so that anyone on either side of the bed can climb freely. Also make sure that the headboard of your bed is wide and solid so that it will represent a solid love life.

9. Avoid exercising in your room. Do not put your sport equipment in the bedroom. The tiredness and fatigue you will feel after you exercise may reflect on your love life Therefore; you may also feel tired in your current relationship.

10. Affirm a happy love life. Make a collage on the wall where pictures are glued showing your ideal romance. Put it on the wall where you can always see it, or on the ceiling above your bed for every night you can stare at it.

The above tips are just a reminder. The solid foundation of any relationship and love is trust, understanding, and acceptance of any flaws or shortcomings of your partner. Feng shui tips are just a pull of positive energy that you can add to your relationship.