Essential Questions to Identify a Suitor

Many women find it difficult to ask new suitors questions about themselves for fear the suitor may decline to answer and/or leave.  Nonetheless, in order for a relationship to succeed or at least move forward, questions need to be asked and answers need to be given.  No one can date someone who doesn’t want or wish to communicate. Ask the following questions for your own peace of mind and hopefully you will learn if this suitor is for you.

1.Is he God fearing?

Relationships can be conflicted if there are religious differences.  If you are religious and intend to remain faithful to your religion, you should clarify religious status with your future boyfriend. If your relationship is different, you should understand the ramifications and ensure ahead of time that you are okay with what could become problematic.  There is much to consider if the relationship moves ahead such as your wedding, raising children and schools. Do not medquest-inc wait to speak about this as it could come back to bite you in the future. 

2. What kind of relationship does he want?

We may not like or accept the answer but the question has to be asked.  Does he want a serious relationship, casual, fun relationship, long-term or “friends with benefits”? Be careful as he may try to lie but you should be able to get a general idea from his answer.

3. Has he moved on from his past relationship?

No woman wants to be the rebound relationship so, it is important to know that your suitor has moved on from the past.  Get a straight answer because if he is still pining for his ex and the opportunity arises for his previous relationship to be rekindled, you’ll be left in the cold, and it is not a pleasant feeling.  Protect yourself. 

4. How does he treat and care for his parents?

This could be the most important of all the questions and should not be dismissed.  If the man you are dating is difficult or rude with his parent(s) it is very likely he will be the same with your parents and potentially be a bad father.  Family relations are immeasurably important and a good sign of future success or failure.  If he can’t be a good son, can he be a good father?