Dreaming About a Desert


Most of us have never been to a desert nor will we ever intentionally go to one.  Deserts are huge masses of sand and emptiness.  The sun’s heat will burn and you will lose pounds of sweat in one short hour without protection and water.   Forget about shouting for help because no one will hear you other than the desert creatures that crawl beneath the sand.  You would truly be alone, left to contemplate your life decisions.

Dreaming about the desert implies the same as the above.  These types of dreams reflect upon your life decisions, even those you rarely pay attention to.  When stuck in a desert you will appreciate where you come from.

Given the whereabouts, you might think that dreams of a desert is a metaphor of rough times but that’s not really the case.  Here is the meaning of your dream:

If you dream of being stuck in the middle of a desert, it means that it is time to think about the things you need to do with your life.  Not a reflection, a change.  You should give yourself a chance to do things you have wanted to do for ages.  The wideness of the desert in your dreams symbolizes the enormous amount of opportunities you have in front of you.  Examples include a new business or a long vacation; anything that you have always claimed to not have time for.  The desert you saw in your dreams is telling you that you have the space and time to seriously ponder about what you need to do…for you. It is time to start preparing for a new life of travel, business and even love.

Pay attention to this dream and look forward to change.


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