Do this before you go to sleep if you want to dream about lucky numbers

Before you go to sleep, get a glass of drinking water and pour a small amount of salt on it. If you usually pray before going to bed, then do so and read the following prayer that you must write on a piece of blank paper.

Lord I am going to sleep now, please bless my emotions and remove all nightmares during my sleep. Oh, dear lord I am going to sleep now please blessed my eyes so that I won’t dream of any unusual bad memories.

After praying, drink the glass of salted water. Make it a habit every night. It will not only help you procure a good night’s sleep but it will also almost guarantee pleasant dreams and ward off nightmares.

The prayer may work better if you keep the glass of salted water next to your bed.  For additional help, place a laurel leaf in the drinking water and wish aloud for a dream with lucky numbers.