Discover the importance of a name


All babies are given a name as identification and all parents spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the name that will be given to their child. Often, especially among Catholics, a child’s name is followed by the name of a pious person or saint or is derived from the family tree. Others are deliberately given unique names to always remain unique and unparalleled.

In the spiritual realm, the name you bear has to do with your destiny or desired destiny. Compared to a product, the name you have is your “trademark” and “barcode” that will dictate your identity in this world and the destiny you will pursue.

The mystery and power of the spiritual name you use has a corresponding frequency in another dimension and it acts as a password on your “motherboard”. Therefore, if the name given to you does not fit your natural design or “component”, you will not be able to unlock the full and maximum potential of your vibration and frequency.

If you feel that luck is elusive to you, such as in transactions, friendships, and other aspects of life, you can try to change the name. This does not mean that you must file a Petition in Court to change your name. Simply changing your nickname will help a lot. For example, if your real name is Jeremy, and you feel you are out of luck with this name, tell your acquaintances to call you by the name you believe best suits you.

Even your signature has a part with your ascension in life. Avoid signing with a split in the middle as it is a symbol of suicidal tendency and bankruptcy. The stroke of your signature should always be up and not down. Also make the signature stroke round so you can represent infinity and eternal abundance in life. This way, you can pull the frequency into another dimension so that you can alter or somehow change your destiny in the three-dimensional world you inhabit.