Calling all High School teachers and students


Dear Teachers and Students,

PhilippineOne has created a page just for student essays and/or articles.  We believe that High School students in the Philippines are well-informed with potentially alternative opinions that will ask mainstream audiences to consider their point of view.  That being said, teenagers are never in the same space as even the person next to them so we are open to almost all essay or article genres.

PhilippineOne published its first article in mid-may 2017 and has published 1,700 since then.  In February thus far, the website sees 15,000 views per day but, as you may well imagine, the view count grows considerably every month and we expect to have fifty thousand per day by the end of June.  Students can usually expect their articles to be read by two thousand visitors on the first day and six thousand after one week.  Please don’t base readership by web page count as the WordPress counter is faulty and we have no means to remove it.  Multiply by ten for an approximate total or what we see as the Google count.  Of course, these numbers will jump astronomically every month.

High school students must be a minimum of fifteen years of age and may submit an avatar with their essay/article.  We are a neutral site and will not deny any writer based on political viewpoints, gender, race or sexual preference.  Writers can choose whatever subject they are passionate about or submit a recent essay.  Articles may be written in Tagalog or English.

Remember this:  Once you are published, you have that extra bonus to place in resumés and, let’s face it, being published is a very special feeling.

Good luck


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