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Transgender Businessperson and Social Media Star: Miss Angcool

My social media screen name is Ms. Angcool . I am a social media personality with 850k TikTok followers; 214k Facebook followers and 10k YouTube subscribers. I am also a businesswoman and a teacher by profession.

I was born and raised in the city of Talisay, province of Cebu.

As a social media personality:

I started to become a social media personality way back in midst of pandemic where we had nothing to do. I uploaded videos in TikTok and one of videos where it all started when I responded the followers comment “ tunay ba tong babae” and I said  the famous line “ayaw kol bata pako kol” and then my name got popular in online world. Some other popular lines are : Bless angkol, sukol kay way gasugo (where I always inspire the students to always fight for their dreams and. Achieve it) and lastly,  bunal kol

As a businesswoman:

I started my journey in the world of business just this year when one of the famous iced coffee brands in Cebu, which costs 39 pesos, chose me as their first ambassadress. This inspired me to start my own business. I named it “AteCool” and set the price of my iced coffee at 39 pesos, the same as the brand I endorsed. However, I offer eight different flavors of iced coffee:

  • MatchCool – Matcha
  • DarCool – Dark Chocolate
  • CaraCool – Iced Caramel
  • CadoCool – Avocado
  • ReveCool – Red Velvet
  • UbeCool – Ube
  • MangCool – Mango

The best sellers are UbeCool and MangCool, all priced at 39 pesos.

I have three branches:

Atecool pooc, city of Talisay

Atecool Tabunok, city of Yalisay

Atecool oprrah kalunasan, city of Cebu

Additionally, I decided to start a business focused on scents, which has been my dream since I was a kid. When a friend encouraged me to pursue this dream, I launched a scent business named “AngCool Scents.”

For my profession:

I was promoted to Master Teacher I in Science in May of this year. I have been teaching for roughly 10 years now. I have a special interest in helping students who are disadvantaged because I see myself in them. I understand their struggles, as I fought for my education despite the challenges posed by my family’s situation.

I followed my mother’s dream. She wanted me to complete my education because her childhood dream was to become a teacher. I wanted to make my mother proud and happy. As a result, I put my dream of becoming a beauty queen on hold for many years so I could focus on working and fulfilling her dream.

I am an LGBTQ ally. As an educator, I always advocate for the rights of my LGBTQ students. We all know that they are often afraid to pursue their studies because of school policies, such as haircut regulations, which may discourage them from attending school. I don’t want this to happen. During my time, it was easier to comply with such rules because there were no ordinances or laws against it. Fortunately, I successfully fought for a no-haircut policy for transgender students in my school.

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