Always Receive Good Fortune and Happiness

In today’s time there are many difficulties in our daily lives, but there are many ways for us to be lucky we just need to work hard and use good luck charms. Of course, wholehearted prayer.

Here is the way for us to be approached by the blessings and luck of life. We need the following:

Salt, it should be rock salt.

A clear bowl and clean water.

When everything is ready, put salt in a bowl, it should be filled and left somewhere in any part of your house, as long as no one can touch it. Leave it in place for seven days (7 days). In exactly eight days, add salt water to the bowl by sprinkling the water, not pouring.  Do this every day.  When you receive any blessing, throw away the salt and restart the whole process if you wish to receive more good fortune.

Do it on Tuesday or Friday morning and always share your good fortune.

Good luck