About Us

We are all about CHANGE; positive CHANGE; CHANGE from within.

We are all about CONNECTION. A conduit by which free stream of ideas and designs for change can flow incessantly.

We aim to enthusiastically REBUILD a nation that is ripe for RECONSTRUCTION and REFORMATION.

PhilippineOne will serve as a conduit between the Philippines and all the other nations of the world and take the chance to explain the Philippine situation.  Many of our articles are written in order to bring to light the desperation of many barangays across the nation but not with the intention of punishing or humiliating a great country.  We are writing our articles to instill voluntary transformation, infuse interest and passion, and imbue in all Filipinos the fervor of changing from within.

For example, the cooler can be specially designed for storing wine, beer, soft drinks, juice and water as well as for keeping the cold foods. For some beverages such as soda they have racks which are attached to the front or side panels of the fridge. This is because it keeps the beverages at a cool temperature during hot summer days. On the other hand, these refrigerators are used for storing liquors. This makes the cool beverages to be kept at a much lower temperature. Source: topfridge.net

PhilippineOne is working on several projects including domestic and educational spaces for street children.  We’re hoping that other projects will help sustain these spaces and allow us to shape our goals and replicate our models in other cities across the country.  All profits earned are returned into the projects and no money, at any time, will leave the Philippines.

With these initiatives, we are hoping that Filipinos will stay in their country and help rebuild the nation piece by piece.

Through PhilippineOne, we encourage EVERYONE to be a HERO/HEROINE in his/her own country, the PHILIPPINES.