1,000 Posts and Just Getting Started

In May of this year, I put an ad in Craigslist looking for writers to help me with a new blog.  My original intent was to educate Filipinos on Vertical Farms (VF); a subject I believe could change the entire nation.  It didn’t take me long to learn that absolutely no one in the country was remotely interested in a project that grew food in buildings.  So, we veered in a new direction and began to concentrate on subjects that highlighted the “woes” of the Philippines to English readers.  Like vertical farms… no one outside of the Philippines cared about Filipino issues so in August, we changed the format to a Tagalog media style and morphed into what we have now. Seven months later and many lessons learned, PhilippineOne has one thousand articles and twenty-five thousand Facebook followers.

Now, why should you care?  Why should you care about a website owned by a foreigner who can’t even speak Tagalog?

It is because the owner, some of his writers and many of you reading this today, are going to change the lives of thousands of Filipinos and possibly your own.  The sole purpose of PhilippineOne.com is to earn advertising dollars that will fund homes for street children and build vertical farms.  Unfortunately, at the moment, the advertising isn’t happening but our real goals – our projects – are very close to becoming reality.  The following is an excerpt from an article soon to be published elsewhere:

PhilippineOne is actually a not-for-profit organization centered in Bacolod City and presently working on a project that would have us create a home for street children as well as begin a huge project growing food in an environment called Vertical Farms.  The entire project is being filmed as a TV program as well as one of our several documentaries.

When you look at the above paragraph, it is difficult to envision how big this project actually is.  The PhilippineOne Foundation will not only save children from destitute lives but it will also create an industry that will eventually feed a home; a community; a city; a province; a nation and then a continent as well as create incendiary businesses that will employ thousands of Filipinos for decades to come.  We believe that we on the verge of making our nation, indispensable to our neighboring countries.  

The PhilippineOne Foundation is going to do something that has never been done before; something that doctors, scientists and the like will discuss for decades to come.  In the next two weeks, we will be posting articles and videos that will “market” our mission to save street children and give them a normal, loving home.  We’re not asking any of our readers living in the Philippines to help fund the home but we are asking that you share the articles and videos with people who can help monetarily.

Our implementation Plan will be posted under the Outreach category this week.  If you’re interested in helping or if you know someone who can help move our agenda, please contact us at info@philippineone.com

Thanks for reading our 1,000th post.


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